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Can You Turn Your Sea Glassing Hobby into a Business?

When I started creating sea glass jewelry I really gave no thought to the future of my endeavors. I had no idea about anything having to do with the “business” end. I just wanted to create beautiful jewelry.  With a husband who owns a business, and a father in law who is a CPA I got lots of assistance. There were a few papers I needed to file to get a tax ID number. I then had to learn how to keep records of expenses and income. It was the least favorite  part of my hobby.  Now that I have set up the necessary guidelines and know what financial information I need to keep it has made my life, and my ability to make sea glass jewelry much easier.  Every month,  sometimes every two weeks depending on how much buying/selling I have done, I sit down and do my financial record keeping. This way I don’t fall behind. As my hobby/business has expanded so has the time I need to put into it. Having a plan and sticking to a schedule to do paper work and record keeping has freed me up both mentally and physically to be able to create beautiful sea glass jewelry.

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