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Places You Need to Know About When You Travel to New York

If you are thinking of traveling the world, you should consider visiting New York. The city is known for its fancy architectural designs and many tourist attractions. Therefore, on your next vacation, you need to buy air tickets to the city and reserve hotel rooms and the tourist attractions and shows in advance. Here are the places of interest in New Your You need to visit.

One of the places you need to visit in New York is to attend the NEDA symposium and you will experience the Big Apple. Another thing you need to do on your visit to New York is to ride the subway. At the subway, you will meet some celebrities you only see in TV. When you want to ride the subway, you will need to pay a small fee. If you want to pay for the service you get at the subway, you need to purchase a card from online stores where you will have to top up some dollars in it. While in the subway, you will find information about how to ride it, use turnstiles, and maps. Before you can ride the subway, it is important to read the safety guidelines very carefully.

Another thing you can do in New York is to visit the central park zoo. The central park zoo is famous for its penguins. Here are some of the species of penguins you can see at the park, these include Gentoo, Chinstrap, Macaroni, and King Penguins. The following are other animals you can see at the park, these include beautiful Snow Leopard, Sea Lions, Grizzly Bears, Red Pandas, Snow Monkeys, and Ruffed Lemurs. While at the zoo, you can experience the 4-D theater. The experience you will get at the zoo is healthy for both kids and adults.

Another place in New York you may want to visit is the Washington Square Park. If you are finding it hard locating the park, you need to remember that it is in the middles of 5th Avenue, Waverly Place, W. 4th Street, and MacDougal St. If you want to see the famous Washington Square Arch, you will find it at the park. The fountain at the park is older than the Washington square arch since it was built 43 years before the arch and it is one of the popular meeting spots.

After spending time at the Washington Square Park, you can stroll down the fifth avenue. You can start at the Tiffany’s and move down the 5th avenue. The places mentioned in this post are some of the best tourist attractions in New York that can guarantee awesome experience.

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